Strategies and Tricks

Aviator Game Strategies and Tricks

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About Game Strategy

Adding strategy to your gameplay is the ideal way to improve your winning chances in betting rounds. These approaches don’t involve the manipulation of the game. Instead, they teach you to use the available functions to your advantage. As such, you receive more value from successful wagers.

Nevertheless, strategies don’t guarantee 100% success. While they help you optimize every bet, there’s still the potential of losing. On the bright side, you have better opportunities to earn from your stakes than when you don’t apply these tricks.

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World Strategies for Aviator

Over the years, several Aviator game strategies have emerged. However, only a few have beaten the curve and proven effective for the crash title. These options cater to various players, including risk-averse and high-stakes gamblers, so you’ll find one that suits you.

If you’re on a budget or prefer low-risk approaches, one-bet is ideal. On the other hand, Martingale and other betting systems are great for players who don’t mind taking risks. As such, before trying any, check your bankroll and decide which is best for you.

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Aviator Tactics

The following sections discuss the various tactics players can use to maximize their winning chances in the crash game:

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One Bet

There are two bet options on the grid. Instead of using both, you can settle for one. Placing a single stake allows for better concentration, as you don’t have to worry about losing the second option. This makes it the best Aviator strategy for casual bettors.

Two Simultaneous Bets

For a chance to earn double or even more from the game, place two wagers simultaneously. This option allows you to be more flexible. For instance, it’s possible to cash out the first wager when the multiplier value is very low. Then, leave the second and aim for when the multiplier is lower. Alternatively, one can withdraw both at low or high values.


Using Paroli means doubling each stake after a win until you achieve three consecutive victories. Once you hit the third, return to the initial bet amount. For example, if an INR100 bet wins, the wager increases to INR200 and then INR400 by the third time. Whether the fourth stake is successful or not, return to INR100.

A cell phone displaying Aviator game interface with increasing multiplier and betting options


Using this system, the idea is to double your bet after each loss, then return to the initial amount after a win. For instance, a player wagers INR100 on Aviator but loses. The next wager becomes INR200; if that’s a loss, it becomes INR400. Upon winning, the bet amount returns to the initial INR100.


The D’Almbert system revolves around increasing bets by a unit after a loss then decreasing by a unit after a win. Consider a scenario where a gambler wagers INR20 and loses; the next bet becomes INR30. If this is also unsuccessful, the amount increases to INR40; if he wins, he goes back to INR30, and so on.


This Aviator casino game strategy is a gambling system based on the Fibonacci sequence. Here, each number is the sum of the two preceding ones (e.g., 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on). In the betting context, the player increases their bet size after each loss according to the Fibonacci sequence. After a win, they move back two steps.

For example, if you wager INR100 and lose, your next option is still INR100. If this is unsuccessful, wager INR200, and if this also loses, bet INR300. For INR300 being a win, return two steps back, which means placing a stake of INR100 on the next round.

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Aviator Game Tips and Tricks

In addition to the strategies we’ve discussed above, here are a few tricks and tips that can help you win at Aviator:


Learn to manage your bankroll effectively:
The best way to mitigate losses from betting is to manage your bankroll. First, set a budget that comprises only funds you can afford to lose. Then, ensure to stick to this amount to avoid overspending.

Cash out at low multiplier values:
Withdrawing when the multiplier is between 1.5x and 1.8x is a low-risk approach. You don’t land massive winnings with this, but the losses are fewer, so you can accumulate more in the long run.

Develop a personal approach:
With the information you gather from other players and the options in this write-up, you can develop your Aviator strategy. Start by experimenting with different approaches to learn which works for you.

Learn from other players:
The online game provides real-time statistics of other bettors wagering on various rounds. It details their bet amount, the multiplier they cashed out, and their winnings. Pay attention to this to learn how other players strategize when wagering.

Take breaks when necessary:
Besides managing your bankroll, learn to quit betting when necessary. This means knowing when to end sessions and limiting your playing time. Some casinos even offer cooling-off periods that prevent you from accessing your account for a certain time.

Free Game Mode

One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with an Aviator game winning strategy is to play free versions. The demo mode allows players to explore the crash title without risking cash. Instead of your funds, you use in-game virtual coins to place wagers.

In demo modes, you still enjoy an experience similar to the real option. That’s because all functions in the Spribe release are present, including the double bet, autoplay, and auto cashout. The only catch is that it’s impossible to withdraw your earnings from free play.

Autoplay Option

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Spribe included an autoplay option that makes the gameplay even better. You’ll find this by navigating to the “auto” section on the betting grid. Afterwards, you select how many rounds you want to bet on automatically. Note that the amount you set before the feature starts remains the same for all rounds.

There’s also an auto cashout function that one can combine with the autoplay. Using this option, the game withdraws your winnings automatically once the multiplier hits a certain value. You can choose to activate these features for a single wager while manually operating the second betting option.

Hacking Apps

Some operators create software to manipulate or exploit vulnerabilities in online Aviator platforms. Various hacking tools exist for the game, such as simulators, predictors, or software tweaks that try to compromise the system’s integrity. You can find these tools online, shared through social media platforms like YouTube or Telegram.

However, the consequences of using hacking apps can be severe. Enthusiasts who use such options risk compromising sensitive personal information and potential financial losses. That’s why we advise sticking to safe approaches, like using the tips and strategies we discussed earlier. Also, play only at licensed and safe gaming sites.

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Casinos to Try Strategies

If you’re looking for reliable online casinos where you can try out Aviator game tricks, we have you covered. These platforms even have demo versions, so you can practice for free before using money. That said, here are our top picks:

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