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In the fast-paced and exhilarating world of online gambling, responsible gaming is a critical pillar that ensures the safety and well-being of our community. At, we are dedicated to providing an enjoyable gaming environment while promoting healthy gambling habits. This article outlines our commitment to responsible gaming and the measures we have in place to help our users in India play responsibly and seek help if they need it.

1. Financial Self-Regulation

To assist our users in maintaining control over their gambling expenditures, has implemented a user-friendly system of deposit limits. This feature allows our patrons to set a cap on the amount they can deposit daily, weekly, or monthly, thus preventing impulsive and excessive spending. This tool is an effective way to manage a gambling budget and prevent financial strain, ensuring that gambling remains a leisure activity and not a financial burden.

2. Taking Necessary Breaks

Recognizing the importance of taking breaks from gambling, offers a ‘Cooling-Off Limit’ option. This feature enables users to take a short-term break from gambling activities on our site. During this cooling-off period, the user’s account is temporarily disabled from placing bets or making deposits, providing a necessary pause and time to reflect on their gambling behaviors.

3. Access to Professional Support in India

We understand that gambling can become problematic for some individuals. To support those who might be struggling with gambling addiction, provides access to professional support services within India. We have partnerships with organizations and therapists specializing in gambling addiction who offer confidential counseling and assistance. These resources are readily accessible through our platform, ensuring that help is always available.

  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS)
    General Contact: +91-80-26995000 / +91-80-26995015
    Email: [email protected]

For specific concerns related to gambling addiction, contacting these organizations directly or consulting with a healthcare professional for referrals to suitable support services is advisable. Additionally, online international resources like Gamblers Anonymous ( can also be a helpful starting point for finding support.

4. Protecting the Younger Generation

At, we are committed to safeguarding minors from the exposure and risks associated with online gambling. We employ stringent age verification processes to ensure that all our users are of legal gambling age. Additionally, we provide resources and guidance to parents and guardians on implementing controls and filters to prevent underage gambling access.

5. Educating on Gambling Risks and Safe Practices

Education is a powerful tool in promoting responsible gambling. We provide our users with comprehensive information about the risks associated with gambling, the randomness and odds of games, and tips for gambling safely. Our aim is to ensure that our community is well-informed and can make educated decisions about their gambling practices.

6. Self-Assessment for Gambling Behaviors

We encourage our users to regularly assess their gambling habits through self-assessment tools available on These tools help identify potential problematic gambling behaviors early, allowing users to take proactive steps towards responsible gaming.

7. Encouraging Balanced Lifestyle

We advocate for a balanced lifestyle where gambling is just one of many recreational activities. Our platform promotes the idea that gambling should never dominate one’s daily life or be viewed as a solution to financial or personal issues.

8. Proactive Monitoring and Intervention

Our team at proactively monitors user behavior for signs of problem gambling. If we notice patterns that suggest problematic gambling, we reach out to the user with resources and support options. Our proactive approach ensures early intervention and help where necessary.

9. Collaboration with Responsible Gambling Organizations

To enhance our responsible gaming initiatives, we collaborate with various organizations dedicated to responsible gambling. These partnerships help us stay updated with best practices and improve our strategies to support our users effectively.


At, we are not just committed to providing a platform for online gambling but are equally dedicated to the responsible gaming practices of our community in India. Our comprehensive approach – encompassing deposit limits, cooling-off periods, professional support, and educational resources – underlines our dedication to a safe, healthy, and enjoyable gambling environment. We believe that by fostering responsible gaming, we can ensure that gambling remains a fun and safe activity for all our users.

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