Track Attack: An Exciting Overview of Diverse Racing Series

Welcome to the electrifying world of Track Attack! Imagine yourself surrounded by the exhilarating roar of engines and the intoxicating scent of burning rubber. This realm is a paradise for motorsport enthusiasts, offering an array of racing series that promise both affordability and adrenaline-fueled excitement for drivers of production and modified cars.

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The Thrill of Racing

As we delve into this high-octane universe, we’ll explore the various facets of Track Attack’s racing offerings. Each series brings its unique flavor to the track, ensuring that every race is more than just a competition – it’s a celebration of speed, skill, and automotive passion.

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2022’s Electrifying Addition

The year 2022 marked a thrilling chapter in Track Attack’s history with the introduction of the Britannia Marques Cup. This series is a tribute to the legacy of British automotive engineering, featuring an exciting lineup of British-manufactured race cars.

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Celebrating British Automotive Excellence

Picture the track alive with classic Minis, the elegance of Lotuses, and the power of Rover and MG models. This isn’t merely a racing series; it’s a festival celebrating the rich heritage of British speed and engineering.

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The Everyman’s Race

The Peugeot 206 GTi Production Cup stands as a testament to the pure spirit of racing. Focused exclusively on the Peugeot 206 GTi model from 1999-2006, this series epitomizes the essence of competitive fairness, prioritizing driver skill over financial might.

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Leveling the Playing Field

This series exemplifies the ethos of Track Attack – enabling racers to transform their everyday street cars into track-ready competitors, or to utilize the expertise of the club’s build teams for a seamless transition into the racing world.

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Engineering Excellence

For aficionados of German automotive craftsmanship, the Deutsche Marques Cup offers an unparalleled racing experience. It’s the first series in the UK to cater exclusively to German marques, celebrating everything from Audi’s precision to Mercedes’ luxury.

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A Showcase of German Engineering

This series is a convergence of style and speed, welcoming a diverse range of modified and production-spec German vehicles. It’s not just a race; it’s a showcase of the finest in German engineering.

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The Eastern Edge

The Nippon Challenge is an ode to the excellence of Japanese and Asian automotive design. This series is a melting pot of diverse car types, from agile hatchbacks to robust coupes, offering a competitive yet affordable platform for racing enthusiasts.

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Diversity in Asian Automotive Craftsmanship

This series celebrates the versatility of Asian cars, accommodating everything from modest production specs to heavily modified marvels. It’s an inclusive arena where passion for Asian automotive innovation finds its rightful place on the track.

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NIPPON CHALLENGE: Showcasing Asian Automotive Ingenuity

The Diversity of Asian Engineering

The Nippon Challenge is more than just a race series; it’s a celebration of Asian automotive versatility. This series uniquely embraces the full spectrum of Asian cars, ranging from the modestly specced daily drivers to the most intricately modified marvels. What makes this series stand out is its inclusivity, ensuring that every car, regardless of its spec or modifications, finds its rightful place on the track.

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A Place for Every Car Enthusiast

In the Nippon Challenge, the passion for Asian automotive innovation is palpable. The series acts as a platform where:

  • Modest production-spec vehicles demonstrate reliability and efficiency.
  • Heavily modified cars showcase the pinnacle of customization and performance.
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2024 Nippon Challenge Race Calendar


DateVenueEvent TypeQualifyingRaces
27/03/24Snetterton 300 CircuitSeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
24/04/24Silverstone International CircuitSeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
15/05/24PembreySeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
12/06/24Rockingham International Super Sports Car LongSeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
02/07/24ThruxtonSeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
30/07/24Brands Hatch Indy CircuitSeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
25/09/24Mallory Park Full CircuitSeries Race15 minutes2x 15 minutes
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French Flair: Embracing the Elegance of French Racing

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French Automotive Elegance and Spirit

Dive into the captivating realm of the Tricolore Trophy, a series that encapsulates the elegance and engineering excellence of French automobiles. This series transcends traditional racing; it’s about celebrating the joy and essence that French cars bring to every track.

A Festival of French Automotive Artistry

The Tricolore Trophy is a platform where the sophistication of Citroen meets the vigor of Renault. It’s not just a race event; it’s a tribute to French automotive beauty, creating a welcoming atmosphere for every French car enthusiast.

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Tricolore Trophy Overview: The Community of French Racing

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The Vibrant Heart of French Motorsport

The Tricolore Trophy stands out as more than a mere racing series. It is a dynamic community of passionate racers, offering a structured class format that caters to both production and advanced racing models. This inclusivity makes it an appealing gateway to the world of motorsport.

Camaraderie and Sportsmanship at the Forefront

At its core, the Tricolore Trophy champions the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Each race is an opportunity to create memorable experiences and nurture a supportive community, celebrating the spirit of competition and cooperation.

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The Joy and Accessibility of Relaxed Racing with Track Attack in 2024

Embracing Relaxed Racing Philosophy

Track Attack in 2024 continues its unique approach to motorsport, emphasizing the pure joy of racing over the competitiveness of traditional racing circuits. This philosophy is pivotal in providing a stress-free environment where drivers can truly enjoy every moment on the track, free from the pressures of accumulating points or climbing leaderboards.

Key Aspects of Track Attack’s Racing Approach:

  • Pure Enjoyment Over Competition: Focusing on the thrill of racing rather than rankings.
  • Celebrating Motorsport’s Essence: Each event is a festivity of the sport’s true spirit.

The Paddock: The Heart of Track Attack’s Community The paddock at Track Attack events is where the magic of motorsport truly unfolds. It’s not just a place for pre-race preparation; it’s a hub of camaraderie and shared passion.

Highlights of the Paddock Atmosphere:

  • Unity and Support: Where racers and teams bond over shared enthusiasm.
  • Community Spirit: A place of friendship, exchange of advice, and collective passion.

Classes and Competition: Fair and Exciting Racing for All Track Attack’s commitment to fair and thrilling competition is evident in the design of its racing series, especially the Tricolore Trophy.

Highlights of Track Attack’s Racing Classes:

  • Diverse and Balanced: Classes accommodate various engine types and specifications.
  • Equal Opportunities: Suitable for racers of all skill levels and budgets.

Accessibility and Affordability in Motorsport Staying true to its ethos, Track Attack makes motorsport accessible to a wider audience by keeping racing affordable.

How Track Attack Promotes Inclusivity:

  • Affordable Racing: Keeping cars close to their production models to reduce costs.
  • Open to All: Making motorsport more accessible to those without large financial resources.

Class Specifications: Ensuring Fair Competition Each class in the Tricolore Trophy has specific requirements to maintain fairness and allow racers to find the best match for their vehicles and racing styles.

2024 Tricolore Trophy Calendar Here’s a snapshot of the exciting races scheduled for 2024 in some of the UK’s most iconic circuits:

DateVenueEvent Highlights
27/03/23Snetterton 300 CircuitSpeed and Strategy
24/04/23Silverstone International CircuitHistoric Racing Grounds
15/05/23Pembrey CircuitChallenging Turns and Thrills
12/06/23Rockingham International CircuitHigh-Speed Action
02/07/23Thruxton CircuitFastest UK Circuit Experience
30/07/23Brands Hatch Indy CircuitIconic Racing Moments
25/09/23Mallory Park CircuitA Mix of Speed and Skill

Experience the Thrill of Track Attack Track Attack’s 2024 calendar offers an array of racing experiences, from the high-speed thrills of Snetterton to the technical demands of Brands Hatch. Whether you’re a racer keen to showcase your skills or a fan eager to immerse in the racing atmosphere, Track Attack offers an unforgettable experience.

cropped Logo race Tricolore Trophy: Celebrating French

Automotive Excellence

Overview of the Series The Tricolore Trophy is a unique racing series dedicated to French automobiles, particularly focusing on models from Citroen, Peugeot, and Renault. This series is designed for enthusiasts of French cars who are looking for an exciting yet cost-effective entry into the world of motorsport.

Inclusive and Fun-Filled Racing Experience Whether you own a classic or a modern French car, the Tricolore Trophy offers a place for you. The series is structured to ensure a fair and enjoyable racing experience for all participants, regardless of their vehicle’s specifications.

Event Format and Track Time Each event in the Tricolore Trophy series includes:

  • 15-Minute Qualifying Sessions: To determine the starting positions for the races.
  • Two 15-Minute Races: Offering ample track time for an exhilarating racing experience.
  • Resilience in Racing: Even if you face mechanical issues, the event ensures that your day on the track is fulfilling.

Accessible Entry into Motorsport The Tricolore Trophy is known for its accessibility, making it an ideal starting point for those new to motorsport. The series includes:

  • Varied Class Structure: To cater to different types of vehicles and driver skills.
  • Production and Production Plus Classes: For those looking to race in near-stock condition cars.

Paddock Atmosphere: A Community of Enthusiasts One of the highlights of the Tricolore Trophy is its friendly and supportive paddock atmosphere. This environment fosters a sense of community, with participants helping each other to ensure everyone enjoys their time on and off the track.

Class Specifications: Catering to a Range of French Cars The Tricolore Trophy features several classes to accommodate a variety of French cars:

  1. Class A: Cars with 1651-2000cc multi-valve, naturally aspirated engines.
  2. Class B: Cars with 1651-2000cc dual-valve, naturally aspirated engines.
  3. Class C: Cars up to 1650cc with multi-valve, naturally aspirated engines.
  4. Class D: Cars up to 1650cc with dual-valve, naturally aspirated engines.
  5. Class E: Production Plus class for cars up to 2000cc, naturally aspirated.
  6. Class F: Production class for cars up to 2000cc, naturally aspirated.
  7. Class G: Cars that do not technically conform to the above classes but are deemed compatible by the series promoters.
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